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Chris Bertacco

Australia – Chris Bertacco

Director of Sales and Activations in the Australian markets with extensive experience in the Construction, Architecture and Design industries. Chris’s background is in Construction focusing on Architectural products and their application in the built Environment. As Pavegen's Australian Distributor he delivers and manages permanent installations, experiential marketing activations and educational applications. Chris has a passion for business development within start-ups and enjoys the challenge of helping them reach their full potential in the global marketplace.  (Email)

India – Ricky Husaini / United Sustainable Developments

United Sustainable Developments is the representative of Pavegen in India, a Bangalore based real estate development company focused on rolling out green, energy efficient & sustainable projects. United invests and partners with innovative companies whose technologies impact the built environment, utilising these solutions in real estate projects.  (Email)

Japan – Shun Shindo / Asaboh Corporation

Asaboh Corporation was founded in 2009 and is a young and dynamic company, the perfect partner to introduce Pavegen technology to Japan. We have exclusive rights to fully represent Pavegen Systems in Japan. Shun Shindo, is the leading sales representative in Japan adding his own flavour to the Pavegen journey.  (Email)


Korea – Sungbin Yim / CB Williams

CB Williams have specialised in global entrepreneurship for over 15 years, with a committed passion for improving people’s lives through product innovation and corporate sustainability.  (Email)

New Zealand

New Zealand – John Sinclair / IGEN NZ LTD

John Sinclair is Pavegen's representative in New Zealand.  (Email)

Portugal – Madelena Souza / WattNext

Wattnext is an engineering company oriented towards the definition and implementation of environmentally friendly energy solutions, with a strong innovative character. Wattnext is the exclusive Portuguese representative of Pavegen. Madalena Souza is Wattnext's Sustainability and Marketing & Communication specialist, she now transfers these skills in becoming Pavegen´s PR & Business Development Executive in Portugal.  (Email)


Singapore – Karl Pope / Alti-Nav

Alti-Nav is an independent consultant firm and agent providing bespoke, leading edge sustainable products across Asia Pacific. Karl Pope is an experienced senior manager with a specialist expertise of Data Centre and Critical Engineering Systems. He has a number of key achievements spanning the European and the Asia Pacific Regions that includes a large portfolio ranging from innovative “green field” data centre builds, to “smart working” office fit-outs that reduced overall office space requirements and improved staff satisfaction.  (Email)


USA – Vincent Miceli

Vincent is our President of Pavegen USA. With a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Business from Sacred Heart University, Connecticut, Vincent is a former Wall Street banker at UBS. Utilising his extensive experience in building small businesses, raising investment of 50million USD and helping over 20 companies exit, he also works as the Owner of CrossFit Westchester. Employing his tenacious business acumen, Vincent ensures Pavegen expands in the US market one step at a time!  (Email)