Not Another Experiential Newsletter (we promise)


Welcome to #The_Next_Step

A new round-up of the best experiential and sustainable tech...

You're smart. You don’t need an experiential newsletter telling you that...

  • "87% of people say a live event is more effective than television ads"

  • "98% of people are more likely to purchase a product after a live experience"

  • "29% of companies who run experiential campaigns report 10-1 returns on investment."                – Ad Age –


It's not...

  • Ball-pits (unoriginal disease troughs)

  • Hollow creative that only works on Instagram (sometimes

  • Or dubious influencers (who follow, not lead)

We believe experiential is now all about...

  • Ramping up the dwell time via authentic experiences  

  • Producing rich data using the latest discreet and seamless tools

Okay, great. You got me. How...?

  • People want to experience real things 

  • And they want to do good stuff (think positive outcomes for themselves, their community and the environment) 

  • They want people to know that they have played a role in doing something good

Experiential is perfectly placed to achieve this. Enabling 

individuals to participate in a brand’s positive story. 

And to build a relationship that is two-way.


So what are we talking about? Show me some examples...

*WE LOVE IT: Diet food brand, Lean Cuisine, connects powerfully, targeting audiences with art installation 

This moving campaign celebrates the things that women want to be valued for. The food brand used a sign-writer to decorate a huge display of weighing scales in Central Station, NYC, with the women's individual responses, creating a real and lasting monument that achieved 204m impressions. Boom!


*WE LOVE IT: Supermarket combines sustainability message with experiential, elevating the brand

Iceland managed to get its TV ad campaign on palm oil awareness banned. The UK supermarket capitalised on the controversy with an animatronic orangutan roaming the streets of UK cities, amplifying the conversation caused by the banned advert. Huge impact ensued, with PR Week reporting a significant uplift in brand awareness and consideration during the launch period.


At Pavegen, we work where tech and sustainability cross-over.

We’ve done it for some of the biggest brands in the world, 

such as Intel, BNP Paribas, Google and Mitsubishi

*BLATANT BRAG: Sustainable tech repositions retail bank

We have been privileged to work recently with the US division of BNP Paribas to help their US retail brand Bank of the West connect with customers on their commitment to the environment and local communities. The initiative challenged West Coast folks to achieve a total steps target, triggering the bank’s donations for community renewable energy projects and generating energy for local applications. A series of activations in San Francisco, Sacramento and Portland led to a stunning finale on Hollywood Boulevard, outside the Dolby Theatre, home to the Oscars ceremony.

Pavegen Bank of the West

*BLATANT BRAG: Interactivity launches Google device

Pavegen partnered with Google to launch its Pixel device at the Berlin Festival of Lights. The footsteps of visitors to the world’s largest single energy harvesting array were converted into off-grid electrical energy, enabling a synchronised lighting display and triggering the recording of a GIF which was shared widely on social media. The installation achieved worldwide press attention and 63% of users were considering purchasing the device.

Pavegen Google Pixel 2