Simon Langton School, Canterbury

Students' footsteps are lighting up a Kent Grammar School as Pavegen’s largest permanent installation to date converts footfall into a sustainable energy source.

In September 2013 the largest Pavegen education sector installation was installed. The installation consists of 24 kinetic tiles, covering over 5 meters of a corridor. The installation is designed to not only save electricity but also encourage the pupils and staff to engage with a tangible energy solution. It helps them recognise the opportunities for an innovative off-grid energy technology within high footfall areas, regardless of the weather. The energy harnessed and converted from students' footsteps demonstrates the effectiveness of Pavegen as a renewable energy. The system was installed in a day, meaning there was little impact to the running of the school.

Not only does the system harvest energy but the tiles are fitted with wireless technology which provides detailed real-time feedback to pupils, parents and staff of the power generated. Below is the ground layout diagram showing the scale of the installation.

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