In order to help Adidas launch their Boost shoe range in South America, Pavegen created a 16-

tile branded walkway at the entrance of the International Santiago de Chile Marathon. The

walkway powered signage situated along the marathon route displaying 700 motivational

messages to runners at the last mile of the race.


Building excitement for a product launch is a fantastic way to build brand awareness and engage your customers. However, there are only so many email blasts, countdowns and social posts you can do before customers start to lose interest. Uniqlo wanted to bring to life the energy saving properties of the new Uniqlo ‘Heattech’ range in a new and exciting way.


With a clear synergy between Uniqlo’s offering and Pavegen’s clean energy generating tiles, what better way to get customers involved than through an energy saving game! Providing shoppers the opportunity to escape from their daily routine, Uniqlo offered their customers the chance to immerse themselves in an interactive gaming experience. Through a simple yet highly engaging installation, players were invited to mimic a step-sequence which they could then replicate with their own steps onto the Pavegen tiles.


Once completing the game, shoppers were able to earn ‘Heattech’ merchandise for taking part in the energy game, having interacted with Uniqlo’s brand. Customers were not only offered a fun experience, but also the opportunity to engage with Uniqlo’s product launch in a new, innovative and exciting way.