We delivered a permanent Pavegen array at the entrance of Kazakhstan’s leading construction

company’s HQ. The installation in Astana accompanied our presence at the 2017 World Expo in the


The array is in the main entrance of the 15 storey building, which sees up to 1000 people interact

with the installation per day. Energy from the footsteps is used to power LED lighting in the reception




Every day, people are trying to make more sustainable choices, and retail environments are usually the first place they look. IKEA recognised how important the issue of building a more sustainable world is, not only for the environment, but for each individual as well. IKEA approached Pavegen looking for a way to showcase their commitment to building a sustainable future in light of the 2021 COP26 Conference. They are aiming to use only renewable energy sources to power their stores worldwide by 2030 and Pavegen helped them to exhibit this.  


We helped IKEA to spread the word about their latest sustainable business plan using experiential marketing. Encouraging visitors to physically engage with Pavegen’s sustainable technology supported IKEA’s renewable energy mission while promoting their sustainable LED bulbs as well. By creating a purposeful connection to COP26, IKEA’s values could not be clearer. 

IKEA and Pavegen worked together to build a lighting structure that reads ‘100%’ to reflect the message of only 100% renewable energy sources powering IKEA stores within the next 9 years… Using our latest technology, we were able to create an array that helped to power each individual character in sections to reveal a ‘loading’ lighting effect. The effect engages audiences with the direct, individual impact they can have on the lighting fixture depending on which area of the Pavegen tiles they step on. Users can activate the ending light sequence by consciously making choices to step across the platform and trigger each corresponding light.  


IKEA has received recognition for this statement exhibit, praised for the innovation, sustainability and engagement opportunities it provided. Using Pavegen here has created an undeniable sense of brand loyalty for IKEA, as they can now provide a sustainable space in which to shop. 

By making sustainable choices, users became aware of their individual impact and how their choices can influence change. We encouraged people to make sustainable choices by walking across Pavegen in The Renewable Energy Hub. Whether consumers behaviours have been changed towards shopping with sustainable brands, using more renewable energy resources or implementing renewable LED bulbs into their home, IKEA and Pavegen have ignited this positive change.