Pavegen partnered with Formula E to install 24 tiles at the finale of the racing season in London’s Battersea Park. Pavegen were challenged to create an interactive racing experience that was fun for all ages. Around 60,000 attendees were on hand for the event.

The activation engaged enthusiastic race-goers to speed virtual race cars around the track, by jumping on the tiles as quickly as possible. The event helped educate the general public about alternative green energy solutions, whilst creating a fun, engaging activation.


Keeping young children preoccupied is a task many parents dread facing when travelling. Birmingham Airport wanted to help alleviate this issue, creating an educational and interactive play area to keep young children entertained before they fly.  


By gamifying a traditionally static space, Pavegen has helped create an area to keep young passengers entertained through pre-flight play. Located within the Skyzone at Birmingham Airport, kids’ now have the ability to trigger an interactive gaming experience, partially powered from the energy generated from their very own footsteps. Increased footfall on the tiles corresponds with the amount of light displayed on the totem, incentivising young flyers to get all the jumping, running or dancing out onto the tiles before settling on a stationary flight.


The project has helped create more enjoyable travelling experiences for both kids and parents alike; keeping young passengers occupied in pre-flight play results in a more relaxing environment for parents. Through footsteps, children can now stay entertained, as well as better educated on energy generation through the means of active learning.