Pavegen’s first school install, helps educate students and staff inspiring young people to think differently about energy. The installation of 24 kinetic tiles covers over 5 metres of a corridor used to harvest energy to power on-demand lighting. The tiles are also fitted with our wireless technology that provides real-time footfall data. The install gained a special feature on BBC News.


Getting customers to physically interact with your brand is one thing. Getting your customers to interact through a dance and music festival is another! The Sunglass Hut wanted to raise awareness for their brand, getting their customers to party with them in a fun way that would excite and engage.


Touring across Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and New York Pavegen created an interactive dance floor to accompany the Sunglass Hut in their #ElectrifySummer campaign. Using peoples’ dance moves, Pavegen transformed kinetic energy from footfall to clean electricity, used to trigger bright neon lights and a 10 ft sunshine structure. The dancefloor allowed visitors to physically engage with the brand as they moved, as well as offering a captivating clean energy generating experience.


As the tour rolled out, The Sunglass Hut were able to electrify the summer with the hottest dance parties across multiple cities, with both hashtags and images of the campaign spreading widely across social media assisting awareness for the brand. Visitors were able to physically interact with dance, music, energy and the brand, in a way that they had not ever done so before.