Google partners with Pavegen to build our largest ever single
energy-harvesting walkway at Berlin Festival of Lights.

Pavegen has partnered with Google to make Berlin’s 2017 Festival of Lights, founded in 2004, interactive. The installation incorporates Pavegen’s award-winning V3 flooring system which converts the kinetic energy of footsteps into off-grid energy and data. 

The footsteps of visitors to the world’s largest single energy harvesting array are being converted into off-grid electrical energy, enabling a synchronised lighting display. Footsteps of visitors to the record-breaking 26-square metre installation at KulturBrauerei are setting off 176 light panels embedded in the walls of this installation. Their unique moments are then captured and shared to them as video GIFs and stills by a photo pod at the end of the array. 

This is the first time that Google has exhibited at the Berlin Festival of Lights. The headline event, which attracts upwards of two million guests in the heart of Germany’s cultural capital, is a celebration of the visual arts with ambitious and dynamic light installations bringing to life the city’s most famous places.


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