The Pavegen technology known as V3. The triangular design maximises both energy output and data capture; whilst its high durability and simple deployability allow Pavegen to seamlessly integrate into any location, as an effective decentralised power solution. 

The Pavegen V3 system’s key components are a triangular composite tile surface and electro-magnetic generators. As people step on the tiles, their weight causes the top surface to vertically displace by between 5mm and 10mm. This creates a downward pressure on the generators beneath, initiating a rotation in their electro-magnetic mechanisms, to produce current and data.


Dimensions: 500mm each edge
Power rating: 5 Watts continuous power from footsteps
Voltage: 48V (Range 12V - 48V)
Materials: Steel, recycled Aluminium, Composite.
Minimum order size: 2x4m array.
Certification: EMC compliant, CE marked, UL compliant.

Pavegen have developed a Smart Controller system that makes off-grid power management simple. 
More about the Smart Controller can be seen here.

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