We have set out to make it easy to create interactive systems. External devices such as LED lighting can be controlled in response to variables in pedestrian activity, stored energy levels and a range of sensor inputs. By combining energy storage, load control and power measurement into a single intelligent Smart Controller, we have created a flexible configurable solution that comes with a host of features.

Energy Storage and Control

For cost effective energy storage we have included temperature compensated charging for Lead Acid Batteries. It can be configured for 12V, 24V or 36V systems.

            If extended cycle life is key it can charge Super/Ultra Capacitors up to 48V.

Control of external and auxiliary loads

We have ten switched output channels that can be used to drive external loads, such as LED lights.  These outputs can be on/off to simply switch a device or 1kHz PWM signals to control the brightness of LED lights.

Power metering

Input and output power measurements allow real time reporting of performance. This feature is useful for the control of interactive systems where external devices are controlled in response to pedestrian activity and energy demand.  

Analogue sensor inputs

We have included two analogue sensor inputs. These are often used to connect ambient light sensors to adjust the power to lights in response to ambient light levels.

Digital Interface

Sensor and control signals are accessible via a USB interface