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Why Future Cities should consider Active Travel…

November 5, 2021


As citizens of cities and towns around the world become more conscious of their personal health, as well as the planets, it is important that city and town planners provide opportunity and encouragement for Active Travel.

So, what is Active Travel? It simply means transportation using only human physical activity and the simplest form of human physical activity is walking. One foot in front of the other.


The Future of Mobility: Footsteps

Imagine if footsteps could be turned into a value for citizens and cities… Whether your citizens prefer to walk, run, or cycle as part of their daily routine, Pavegen has a solution to help encourage Active Travel in a way that is both emotionally and physically rewarding.

Pavegen turns the mundane daily activity of walking into something special. Energy? Awareness? Engagement? Excitement? All the above.

Each step on a Pavegen tile generates a small, but significant amount of energy.  The benefits of this are endless. From on-the-go workers utilising USB charging points powered by footfall or researchers analysing data from each footstep taken throughout the day, month, year or even hour. Demonstrating how everyone can have an impact when it comes to the future of mobility encourages citizens to become conscious of their own efforts towards sustainable behaviours.

One step can trigger a thought, a movement and excitement for what could be…

Transport Hubs and Smart Cities

Pavegen’s technology is manufactured and designed to integrate seamlessly into every community’s busiest area. We are elevating new and improved mobility concepts by encouraging citizens to become part of the solution. Install permanent Pavegen fixtures at bus stops, train stations and airports to harness the energy produced and help your visitors along in their journey. Whether that’s lighting up a pathway or providing USB charging points. Or whether capturing data and presenting this to users is your priority, Pavegen’s uses are endless.

Pavegen Pathways

Pavegen has the ability to produce clean energy and reward citizens simultaneously. Pave the way towards busy transport hubs like airports, bus stops and train stations with kinetic floor tiles that collect data and harvest energy. Or plan your next project around sustainable buildings and cities and encourage your community to engage with it daily. The opportunities are endless and we’re only just beginning…

With every footprint having an instant impact, your community is immediately rewarded when using Pavegen. Intrigued to find out how? Becoming active participants in the movement towards creating a more sustainable future is the first step.