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Below are answers to some of the more common questions we receive. For any other enquiries, please email the Pavegen team.




What is Pavegen?

Pavegen is a revolutionary flooring system that turns your footsteps into electrical energy! Imagine powering lights just by walking through your favorite park or shopping mall. Step on Pavegen tiles, and you'll be generating clean, green energy with every stride.

Perfect for smart cities, brand activations, and even sporting events - Pavegen creates an interactive experience where you can see the direct impact of your steps on the environment.

How cool is that?

Where is Pavegen based?

HQ in London, R&D in Cambridge.

www.pavegen.com @pavegen

What does Pavegen want to do?

Pavegen's mission is to empower individuals to make a positive impact on the world through the simple act of a footstep.

Our patented technology connects people to sustainability, smart cities, and brands by creating engaging experiences that convert footsteps into off-grid energy, valuable data, and rewards. We call this the Internet of Beings, transforming cities into smarter, more sustainable places with every step.

Our Vision:
We want smarter, more sustainable built environments which empower and connect people. From climate change to rapidly expanding cities, we face complex environmental and social challenges.
Our technology enables people to directly engage with clean energy, to increase their understanding of sustainability issues, and to connect purposefully with brands.

What can Pavegen power?

Pavegen’s patented systems produce around 3 joules of energy per footstep or up to 5 watts of power while someone is walking.

This is enough to power a variety of applications, including street lighting, interactive displays, and environmental sensors in public spaces. Additionally, it can collect valuable data for smart city analytics and provide rewards through connected mobile apps, enhancing both sustainability and user engagement.

It's not all about the energy; Pavegen powers conversations and engagement, turning mundane foot traffic into meaningful interactions. By harnessing the power of human movement, Pavegen creates opportunities for community engagement and education about sustainability. It sparks curiosity and dialogue, fostering a deeper connection between people and their environment. With each step, Pavegen doesn't just generate electricity; it ignites a sense of collective responsibility and action towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

What data can Pavegen capture?

Pavegen can capture various types of data, including foot traffic patterns, pedestrian flow, and the frequency and duration of interactions with its flooring system. Additionally, it can gather information on energy generation, such as the amount of electricity produced and consumed. This data can be used for urban planning, infrastructure optimisation, and informing decision-making processes in smart cities. Furthermore, Pavegen can collect user-generated data, such as participation in rewards programs or engagement with interactive features, providing valuable insights into user behaviour and preferences.

Plus, through Low-Power Bluetooth beacons, Pavegen floors can communicate with users' smartphones, offering a personalised rewards system and generating rich customer analytics data.

Why are Pavegen tiles triangular?

The triangular design of the new V3 tile creates a continuously articulated surface with no dead zones allowing us to capture energy from almost every footstep.

We design our tiles in a triangular shape for several reasons:

  1. Efficient Footstep Capture: The triangular shape allows for optimal capture of footstep energy from multiple directions. This ensures that energy is harvested efficiently regardless of the angle or direction of the footfall.

  2. Interlocking Design: The triangular shape enables the tiles to interlock seamlessly, creating a sturdy and stable flooring surface. This design also facilitates easy installation and maintenance.

  3. Space Optimisation: Triangular tiles can be arranged in various patterns to maximise the coverage of high-traffic areas while minimising wasted space. This flexibility in layout design makes Pavegen suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal: The triangular shape adds a modern and visually interesting element to urban landscapes and architectural designs. It allows for creative configurations and artistic expressions, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of spaces where Pavegen tiles are installed.

How did Pavegen start?

Pavegen started with the vision of our founder, Laurence Kemball-Cook, who was inspired by the concept of harnessing the energy of human footsteps to create sustainable power. Laurence, while studying industrial design and technology at Loughborough University in the UK, developed the initial concept for Pavegen as part of his final-year project in 2009. He wanted to find a way to address the growing demand for renewable energy while also encouraging more sustainable behaviours in urban environments.

Since then, Pavegen has launched 'officially' as a commercial product and became an international sensation in 37 different countries!

The company gained attention for its innovative approach to energy generation and quickly attracted investment and interest from both public and private sectors. Pavegen has since grown into a leading player in the field of kinetic energy harvesting, smart city development, and experiential activations with over 250 installations in cities around the world and a vision of transforming the way we think about energy and urban infrastructure.

Where has Pavegen recently been deployed?

The latest Pavegen projects include working with:

- UEFA and Rockstar Energy (PepsiCo) at the Champions League Final, Friday Night Show - London UK.
- Ford at Ford Ride London (2023 & 2024) in Trafalgar Square - London UK.
- The Minnesota Vikings (NFL) Training Camp - Minnesota USA
- Kia at the Australian Open - Melbourne Australia
- HSBC and Citi Bank in their London HQ's - London UK

This is just a quick snapshot of our 2024, take a look at our case studies page to see the full picture of what we have been up to!

What is Pavegen’s plan for the future?

Following a successful crowdfunding round in 2023, Pavegen are expanding their reach across new markets in the Middle East and the US. While continuing to expand our presence in retail, smart cities, and transport and now building our experiential brand offering.

Our R&D team is working hard to bring new Pavegen products to life, making us very excited about what could be to come in 2024 for kinetic technology!

We are also working on increasing the data outputs of our walkways and also more efficient manufacturing methods.

Have Pavegen won any awards?

Pavegen's awards include:

- Fan Engagement - Sports Technology Awards
- CityAM Top 10 Digital Innovators
- UK PropTech Social Impact Award
- Social Enterprise Entrepreneurship Award
- SXSW Smart Cities Interactive Innovation Award - Maserati Top 100
- Top 50 Powerlist by Estates Gazette