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Step Towards a Greener Planet with Kinetic Energy


demand for innovative and sustainable mobility solutions has become even more pressing.  

19th march 2024

By Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen

As urban centres continue to experience rapid growth and expansion, the demand for innovative and sustainable mobility solutions has become even more pressing. 

Freshly returned from LEAP - the “DIGITAL DAVOS” - in Riyadh, now more than ever, do I feel compelled in my call to action for ESG and sustainability.

In the quest for sustainability, innovation emerges as our most potent ally. At Pavegen, my and our collective team commitment to this cause is embodied in our literally ground-breaking technology, which converts the kinetic energy from footsteps into clean, usable electricity.

This isn't just an innovation; it's a call to action - powered by the very steps we take.

The Urgency of Action

As the globe warms at an unprecedented rate, with temperatures climbing to levels not seen in the past 800,000 years (NASA), the call for action has never been louder. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that we must cut global emissions by 45% by 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.

This requires decisive steps: transitioning to renewable energy, curbing emissions across sectors, and protecting natural ecosystems. But it also demands a shift in societal norms towards sustainability and global collaboration. Delaying action only worsens the risks. We must act now to secure a sustainable future for all.

A Call to Communities and Cities

According to the United Nations, urban areas, home to 55% of the world’s population, are responsible for approximately 75% of global CO2 emissions. This highlights the significant role that urban areas play in driving climate change. With over half of the world's population residing in cities, the concentration of human activity and infrastructure within these spaces results in heightened carbon emissions.

Imagine a city where every step contributes to its energy independence, transforming pedestrian walkways, public squares, and school corridors into sources of clean power. This vision is not only possible; it's already coming to life in projects around the globe, from London to Dubai, showcasing the scalable impact of kinetic energy. The integration of Pavegen kinetic energy tiles into the urban fabric offers a tangible solution to this challenge, and empowers citizens!

The Role of Businesses and Individuals

Businesses consume over two-thirds of the world's electricity (International Energy Agency), the corporate sector stands at a critical juncture, necessitating urgent and innovative solutions to mitigate environmental impact and ensure sustainable growth for future generations.

By adopting Pavegen technology, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, turning every customer's visit into a positive environmental act. This is more than corporate responsibility; it's a strategic move towards sustainability, aligning brand values with concrete action.

Join the Movement

The journey to a sustainable future is paved with the collective actions of individuals, businesses, and communities. With Pavegen, every step is an opportunity to contribute to a larger movement towards a greener planet. Our installations have already generated millions of joules of energy, captured 1 billion footsteps, and
engaged communities in over 37 countries.

Here are some of the customers who have created amazing stories with our technology...click below to discover how.

We stand at the threshold of a new era, where sustainable solutions like kinetic energy flooring become the norm, not the exception. It's a future we can all contribute to, one step at a time.

Let's step up together. Join us in embracing the power of kinetic energy, and together, let's walk towards a brighter, cleaner future for our planet.

This is just the beginning. Join our movement. Together, let's make history, one step at a time.




For more information about how Pavegen kinetic technology is helping pave the wave for a more sustainable future, contact press@pavegen.com.

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About Pavegen

Pavegen is a purpose-driven technology business that helps power change and generates positive outcomes for people and planet. Laying underfoot inside buildings, public spaces and at events, Pavegen Kinetic Paving harnesses the power of people’s footsteps, creating not only a small amount of energy – but also imaginative, interactive experiences and data, to help educate, engage and enable meaningful actions around sustainability and Net Zero intent. Pavegen calls this Citizen Impact; powered by Pavegen.

Pavegen helps power Kinetic Street Furniture applications such as USB charging, LED lights, and Green Wall irrigation systems, whilst data from the system can be used for public educational purposes on digital display screens. Kinetic Brand Experiences at live events, expos, festivals and public spaces produce data to provide gamified experiences that help brands engage meaningfully with consumers.

The company was founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook who invented the Kinetic Paving technology that can now be seen in over 37 countries around the world.