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Podcast: Step By Step What It Takes

with Laurence Kemball-Cook

with Laurence Kemball-Cook

Pavegen's Founder and CEO, Laurence Kemball-Cook on the Business GOLD Podcast!

If you have ever wondered how a designer, engineer and entrepreneur is able to create a new industry sector, and a successful export business, then hear it from the man himself – CEO and founder of Pavegen, Laurence Kemball-Cook!

‘Step by Step – What it Takes’, on the ‘Business Gold’ podcast, is a story taking the listener on Laurence's journey from intern to international fame, including his discovery of how to generate, and capture energy, from footsteps. 

Laurence has since gone on to build a successful global business installing Pavegen kinetic flooring technology in major cities, buildings, event locations and public spaces worldwide. As well as, partnering with the world's biggest brands such as Google, Ford, Siemens, Adidas, and Coca-Cola, to name a few!

In this episode of the podcast, Laurence shares his story and vision of how people are the key to achieving net zero in modern smart cities and public spaces. Transformation will only be possible by making living in such cities more engaging, meaningful, and rewarding. 

Listen to the ‘Step by Step – What it Takes' episode on Spotify now or take a quick listen below: