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Levissima, one of Italy's leading bottled water brands, is spearheading environmental sustainability with their REGENERATION initiative. This project aims to promote sustainable living through a circular economy model and raise awareness about responsible resource management.


As primary sponsors of the 2022 Milan Marathon, Levissima sought to deepen their connection with customers by showcasing their commitment to sustainability. They needed an activation that would engage attendees, particularly the 13,000+ runners, in meaningful conversations about eco-conscious living.

Levissima marathon


Pavegen collaborated with Levissima to create an interactive energy-generating platform directly on the Milan Marathon track. This innovative setup utilised Pavegen's technology to convert the footsteps of runners into renewable energy. A digital signage system displayed real-time data, highlighting the environmental impact of each step taken by participants.

Metrics and Impact

Engagement: Over 13,000 runners actively participated in the activation, fostering a sense of community engagement with Levissima's sustainability efforts.

Donations: Each step taken on the Pavegen platform directly contributed to a donation from Levissima to local community projects focused on recycling, sustainability, and green initiatives.

Brand Boost: The kinetic brand experience provided runners with a motivational boost, creating a memorable and positive association with Levissima's brand messaging.


Integrating Pavegen's technology with the Milan Marathon not only showcased Levissima's commitment to sustainability but also provided runners with a unique and impactful experience. By harnessing the power of footsteps, Levissima effectively communicated their brand values and engaged consumers in conversations about environmental stewardship.

Our Takeaway...

This successful collaboration demonstrates the potential of innovative solutions like Pavegen in FMCG brand activities. By leveraging smart technology and sustainable practices, brands can create immersive experiences that resonate with consumers and drive positive social and environmental impact.

At Pavegen, we're committed to empowering brands like Levissima to make a lasting difference in the world while creating unforgettable moments for their customers.


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