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In a groundbreaking collaboration between Mitsubishi and Pavegen, an energising activation captivated Rugby fans, showcasing Mitsubishi's hybrid range during the build-up to England's 6 Nations games at Twickenham Stadium.


The Challenge: Mitsubishi aimed to elevate brand presence and highlight hybrid car efficiency to Rugby enthusiasts. Pavegen, known for innovative energy-generating solutions, crafted an engaging experience seamlessly blending technology, sustainability, and fan participation.


The Solution: Pavegen installed a dynamic 24-tile setup, strategically placed to harness energy from Rugby fans' footsteps. Powering an interactive screen via Pavegen's wireless API, it calculated real-time energy stats from the enthusiastic foot traffic.


The Results: Fans took centre stage, stepping on Pavegen tiles to fuel a captivating screen display. The collective energy not only thrilled spectators but also rewarded one lucky winner with a free ride home in a Mitsubishi car powered by fans' efforts. Simultaneously, the project promoted awareness of energy generation and Mitsubishi's hybrid efficiency, becoming a focal point for educating fans on sustainability. The collaboration was a resounding success, with thousands of steps creating a lively atmosphere, showcasing Mitsubishi's commitment to innovation and sustainability, and capturing valuable leads from potential customers.


Conventional adverts are often glanced over, especially in busy Mexico City bus stations. With increasing distractions and new technologies, how can businesses get the attention of their audiences without clear communication suffering?


Engage passengers with traditional advertising in an untraditional way. Create a message that will reach your audience by making them an integral part of the experience. Through unique kinetic technology, Pavegen has created an interactive branded experience that has helped this vision come to life. Walking through the station, over the tiles, passenger footsteps now actively contribute power to screen displays, triggering them to change and captivating visitors’ attention as they walk past. In addition, LED floor strips correspond to footfall, illuminating the fact that this experience is powered by them.


Pavegen is based in King’s Cross, in the heart of London’s tech revolution. We’re just a few minutes’ walk from King’s Cross and St. Pancras International Stations. Our research and development centre operates in Cambridge, the innovation hub of the country.



Advertisers can now reach their audience in a particularly unique way. Pavegen has facilitated a new way of advertising that presents a clear revenue generating opportunity for Kiin Energy. Through contributing their footsteps, passengers are actively involved in powering important conversations, making their experience and advertisers’ messages even more memorable.