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How to promote sustainability in urban communities


almost 60% of global populations live in urban environments. incorporating sustainability into these communities is vital.

But how do we do it?

11th April 2024

With a staggering 56% of the global population now residing in urban environments, the need to incorporate sustainable practices into these bustling communities has never been more urgent. But amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, the question looms: how do we effectively promote sustainability in urban communities? 

Amidst the constant hustle and bustle, lies an untapped potential for change. Every footstep taken by citizens holds the power to transform our cities into hubs of sustainability and social impact.  

Why do we struggle to engage citizens in sustainability?  

One of the key challenges in promoting sustainability in urban environments is engaging citizens in a meaningful way. Traditional approaches, such as recycling initiatives or environmental education programs, often rely on top-down initiatives or government policies, which can lack the personal connection needed to inspire action.  

Community-focused initiatives, that are visible and tangible to everyday people, hold the power to inspire and encourage real impact. For instance, community gardens or local clean-up events offer opportunities for direct involvement and immediate results. These initiatives create a sense of ownership and connection among residents, fostering a collective responsibility for environmental stewardship.  

By promoting such grassroots efforts, urban communities can cultivate a culture of sustainability that is inclusive, accessible, and impactful. 

Are there easier solutions to sustainable social impact? 

Other solutions we can turn to include technology. Not something that sits behind a server or in an office, but technology that puts people at the centre. Think electric vehicles or smart flooring, these offer simple behaviour changes that can have huge impacts on the climate and communities. 

Start-ups, such as Pavegen, offer direct links to sustainability through everyday activities like walking. One footstep can generate renewable energy, turning the average passive citizen into an active participant in their sustainability story. By turning everyday actions—like walking—into opportunities for environmental stewardship, individuals can see the direct impact of their actions. 

How can footsteps power social impact? (What is Pavegen?) 

Pavegen is a new technology revolutionising urban environments. By embedding smart tiles into pavements and walkways, Pavegen captures the energy generated by footsteps and converts it into clean, renewable electricity. This energy can then be used to power streetlights, illuminate public spaces, and even support massive community engagement initiatives (see how Central London used sustainability to support homelessness). 

But Pavegen is more than just a technology—it's a catalyst for change, inspiring citizens to take an active role in shaping their communities for the better. We need this lasting change to create a real impact for our communities.  

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How do we create lasting social impact?  

Beyond generating renewable energy, Pavegen's technology also serves as a platform for promoting local social impact initiatives. Through partnerships with community organisations, businesses, and local governments, Pavegen facilitates projects that address pressing social and environmental challenges.  

Most recently, at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, Pavegen partnered with RX Global to plant 1,000 mangrove trees, highlighting the importance of ecosystem conservation and climate action. By integrating social impact initiatives into urban spaces, Pavegen, and other start-ups like it, are fostering a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity among citizens, driving positive change from the ground up. 

In addition to environmental and social benefits, the role of building sustainable communities and areas is crucial. Embedding technologies, like Pavegen’s, into the fabric of our infrastructure we can foster interactive spaces for collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Whether it's a public plaza, a park, or a pedestrian walkway, we can transform ordinary spaces into hubs of activity and engagement. This not only enhances the quality of life for residents but also strengthens the social fabric of communities, making them more resilient and adaptable to future challenges. 

What does the future look like? 

As we navigate the complexities of urbanisation and climate change, the role of technology in shaping our cities has never been more important. Promoting sustainability is one thing but integrating it into the lives and actions of our communities allows us to create lasting and meaningful change. By harnessing innovative technologies that are accessible and user-friendly, we can empower individuals to make environmentally conscious choices in their daily lives. 

Innovative approaches like Pavegen's to harness renewable energy generation and community engagement has the potential to transform our urban environments for the better. By empowering citizens to take an active role in sustainability and social impact initiatives, Pavegen is not only lighting up our streets but also illuminating the path towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all. 

Whether it's through smart energy systems, efficient transportation solutions, or digital platforms for community engagement, technology offers a pathway to seamlessly weave sustainability into the fabric of urban living. This integration not only mitigates the environmental impact of urbanisation but also enhances the resilience and liveability of our cities for generations to come. 



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About Pavegen

Pavegen is a purpose-driven technology business that helps power change and generates positive outcomes for people and planet. Laying underfoot inside buildings, public spaces and at events, Pavegen Kinetic Paving harnesses the power of people’s footsteps, creating not only a small amount of energy – but also imaginative, interactive experiences and data, to help educate, engage and enable meaningful actions around sustainability and Net Zero intent. Pavegen calls this Citizen Impact; powered by Pavegen.

Pavegen helps power Kinetic Street Furniture applications such as USB charging, LED lights, and Green Wall irrigation systems, whilst data from the system can be used for public educational purposes on digital display screens. Kinetic Brand Experiences at live events, expos, festivals and public spaces produce data to provide gamified experiences that help brands engage meaningfully with consumers.

The company was founded in 2009 by Laurence Kemball-Cook who invented the Kinetic Paving technology that can now be seen in over 37 countries around the world.