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Sustainable City of the future features 93km Pavegen Kinetic Pavement



When it comes to innovation and the future of sustainable cities, it’s great to see PAVEGEN run at the heart of a NEW sustainable development called THE LOOP in Dubai, a smart city that aims to connect more than 3 million residents, and a shift in thinking of urban mobility.

Inspired by the world’s first kinetic running track in Hong Kong, THE LOOP will feature a 93km sustainable highway generating electricity using footsteps. No longer will human footsteps go to waste, because Kinetic Pavements will transform every step into renewable energy. THE LOOP will be a paradigm shift from a car-centric infrastructure to people-centric.

This isn’t a utopian fantasy; this is a real-world technology that’s here and now! Smart cities across the world are already installing Pavegen Kinetic Pavements for applications such as LED lighting, USB charging in street furniture, or to help power urban landscapes and green wall irrigation systems.  In addition, integrated flooring sensors provide critical real-time data, such as the amount of energy generated linked to personal mobile devices that enable citizen engagement with the people and communities who occupy the city.

THE LOOP is in line with Dubai’s ambition of becoming a 20-minute city, where residents to access daily needs & destinations within 20 minutes by foot or bicycle. THE LOOP will shift the primary mode of transport in Dubai away from cars & taxis. The aim is to make walking, running & cycling one of the primary modes of transport, whilst providing better social infrastructures & facilities for residents.

Baharash Bagherian, is the CEO and founder of URB. He is the mastermind behind the design and construction of some of the most forward-thinking sustainable cities, including THE LOOP. We’re loving how Pavegen’s ‘triangle’ is inspiring the world’s leading urban designers and architects.