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Unleashing the Power of Pooches: PawGen 2.0 Set to Take the World by Storm!


Unleashing the Power of Pooches:

PawGen 2.0 Set to Take the World by Storm!



1st Apri 2023 - LONDON, UK:  Pavegen has been working tirelessly on its latest innovation, "PawGen 2.0," a kinetic energy flooring system that is set to revolutionise the smart cities world. Laurence Kemball-Cook's patented technology has undergone over six months of R&D testing, resulting in an incredible product that can capture 1.25 joules of electricity per paw-step. That's five joules per pooch per meter, making four paws more efficient than a pair of human feet when it comes to step-tech!

PawGen has been tested in Washington DC on Dennis, a small to medium sized dog, to determine the amount of energy generated. Laurence is confident that larger breeds can generate over 10 joules of energy per meter, which is a remarkable achievement in the world of kinetic energy systems. We believe that this level of drive and commitment to technology is what every business leader should strive for.

Pavegen has always been committed to making a difference in the world through innovative and sustainable technology. With PawGen 2.0, we are proud to offer a solution that is not only efficient but also eco-friendly. The kinetic energy generated by the system can be used to power smart city infrastructure, including lighting, Wi-Fi, and digital signage. We believe that the future of sustainable energy lies in ground-breaking technologies like PawGen, and we cannot wait to see how it changes the world.

As we gear up to launch, we are excited to see how PawGen will change the game. Laurence remains paws-itive that his latest innovation will take the world by storm. However, we want to hear from you - what do you think of this pawsome innovation? Is Laurence barking up the wrong tree? 

Note that animals were used in the testing of PawGen. And this is is not an April Fools Joke. Not 😂😂