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The 5 best tools for brands to promote sustainability


Aligning your brand with sustainability in 2022 is a must. With a rise in consumer demand for socially conscious businesses, having a visible and accessible stance on sustainability is paramount to brand success. 

However, putting ESG commitments in place can be a lot easier than communicating them to your stakeholders, getting their buy-in and encouraging individual actions. Knowing how to promote your sustainability story is a challenge, but it is one that can reap lasting rewards. From building stronger relationships and attracting the best talent to changing negative brand perception and breathing new meaning and life into your brand. 

Given the value and impact of effective communication and storytelling, we wanted to break down what we think are the 5 best tools to promote sustainability. Looking at the ways to help you build the ultimate eco-friendly brand strategy in 2022.

1. Powerful Connections = Memorable Engagement 

If fun and memorable is top of your list, then there is no better way to get your audiences involved than active participation. With every step on Pavegens award-winning flooring, a small amount of off-grid clean energy is generated to help power an application, such as a gaming pod, multi-media display screen, interactive lighting and green wall.  

Some of the world’s best-known brands across the world have discovered that good old-fashioned physical activity on a Pavegen is one of the best ways to communicate their sustainability initiatives. Whether they had chosen a permanent installation in a high footfall area or a temporary one at a live event to create impact, Pavegen creates unique touchpoints between consumers and renewable energy through the power of a footstep.  

Brands who look to create immersive and memorable experiences use Pavegen’s smart flooring to share their values, generating lasting impressions and a physical interaction to showcase their sustainable policy that strengthens the relationship with consumers. Pavegen also offer a digital layer in the form of an App. They call it Pavegen GO Engage and it enables brands to incentivise and reward active participants. 

We believe the best way to encourage environmental change and promote sustainable development is through experiential brand activations. Taking your message straight to the customer and delivering it in a powerful way, is the way to go.


2. Put your money where your mouth is - Go Digital 

Low key and old school, but still highly effective, one of the most effective ways to promote your sustainability efforts is to ditch paper to go fully digital. From events to office memos or retail loyalty registrations; changing to paperless practises can have major impacts on the environment and your brand.  

It can seem like a challenge but going paperless is a simple tool to help you create eco-friendly experiences for your consumers. The best way to begin this transition is re-evaluating what really needs printing. Do we need all those brochures. Or can we direct people to a new landing page or email list.  

Of course, some things might be more difficult to transition with. So instead of trying to go completely 100% paperless, why not source responsible printing services? There are plenty of ways to become more sustainable and this one has real impact on the planet, and your brand.

3. MetaESG

The Metaverse is a new and exciting platform for brands to communicate with consumers, a virtual landscape made with the purpose of connecting with others. Pavegen has coined the phrase ‘MetaESG’ to describe the opportunity opening up to brands in a world where almost anything goes, in order to influence positive change and consumer behaviour towards sustainability and wider ESG themes. 

Hyundai and Vans created virtual brand experiences within Roblox to connect with younger consumers. We predict that brands will also build virtual ESG experiences to educate and inform their customers. With consumer screen time remaining high, the virtual world offers brands new formats such as gaming and VR, access to new audiences and innovation opportunities. 

Currently, Forrester’s is estimating that 25 percent of US and UK adults express an interest in exploring the metaverse, but this number is set to rise. With the introduction of META’s (previously Facebook) new Horizon Worlds and the rise of branding in games such as Fortnite and Roblox, metaverse activity is pushing into the mainstream.  

We think, if you are unable to resist the virtual buzz. Invest in adapting your ESG playbook to the virtual world alongside everything else you are doing in the real world.

4. Honest Data

Discovering what stakeholders truly care about is crucial to any business venture, and with sustainability outreach brands must know what actions will hit the mark. Gathering data on your environmental footprint that you can communicate to your customers will help to accurately convey the steps you are taking to become more sustainable.   

This data can include real-time CO2 emission monitors, office water usage levels, food waste metrics, or more. Easily digestible statistics that you can share with customers to promote your efforts in sustainability.  

Presenting this data to stakeholders through digital data screens or integrating it into your regular marketing practices will create an association between sustainability and the brand. As well as increasing brand trust with consumers. Just remember not to over-exaggerate your efforts, sustainability can take time so be honest with the steps your business is taking.


5. Green Infrastructure

An easy way to promote your sustainability practices is through clear, visible, and accessible examples of these efforts throughout your office, events, shop, or activation space. Examples such as an interactive green wall that visitors can see in your space and understand the brands values. 

Or start walking the walk by becoming an accredited Well Building. Well certifications mark a business's commitments to people-first places. Considering a variety of factors such as nourishment, water, movement, innovation and more to create a safe and dynamic environment for workers to thrive in. 

Creating consistent and engaging infrastructure in your space allows customers and employees to connect repeatedly with sustainability messaging. Providing a visual and accessible example of business sustainability efforts. 


Sustainability is not a one-time activation; it is a continuous process that requires constant upkeep and evaluation. But communicating your sustainability doesn’t need to be as difficult. Maintaining an honest and open relationship with consumers is key to keeping this communication open.  

Finding the best tools to shift your business to the sustainable brand to beat. With paperless events, real-time data measurement, and innovative smart technology to boost your connection with customers and clients.  

Pavegen’s award-winning technology creates highly engaging experiences, by using the renewable energy of a footstep, to educate and engage customers and stakeholders alike. 

Using ‘people power’, Pavegen is helping businesses around the world to align with sustainable branding. Generating positive change and inspiring more conscientious thinking around our planet. 

To discuss what Pavegen can do for you contact us today here.