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London and Chicago Marathon Kinetic Brand Experience - Abbott

Chicago, USA


Abbott, a global medical devices and health care company, aimed to enhance its brand identity with consumers focused on wellness. As a part of this goal, Abbott sponsored the TCS London Marathon Running Show in 2022 and 2023 to raise awareness of its sports hydration and performance products to race competitors and visitors. The brand also aimed to raise awareness of its sponsorship relationships with global football brand Real Madrid FC and the elite NN Running Team and Eliud Kipchoge.

Working with global sports, promotions, and event marketing agency TSMGI for Abbott, Pavegen was asked to design a unique Kinetic Brand Experience to help enhance Abbott’s brand and attract as many Show visitors to the activation as possible.


Pavegen designed and built an eye-catching and stylish installation using strobe lights and gamification with the ‘ElectroShuffle’. The ElectroShuffle challenged visitors to use their best dance moves to generate the most real-time energy in competition with each other. Two Pavegen platforms allowed players to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard and compete for the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.

the solution

To help enhance Abbott's brand to thousands of competitors and visitors attending the show, Pavegen designers and software developers produced a highly competitive kinetic brand experience designed to test speed and endurance against elite athletes.


Two unique energy challenge games

The two-game experience allowed participants to challenge themselves against professional football players from the Real Madrid team and legendary Eliud Kipchoge of the NN Running Team. The excitement of kinetic footsteps was used to educate, engage, and enable audiences to participate in key brand messages, providing an opportunity for competitors and running fans to sample Abbott's performance products.


Working with leading sports scientists from Abbott, the raw data output from Pavegen was used to analyse participant performance in two highly interactive brand experiences. The first was a 'Super Sprint with Real Madrid', where Abbott challenged participants to test their sprint speed in a 20-second burst of power against the peak speed of elite football stars. The second kinetic brand experience was a challenge from Abbott to keep up with Eliud Kipchoge's record-breaking marathon pace. Data from the kinetic energy floor tracked the steps per second to see how long the participant could stay in his footstep zone.


Kinetic energy data converted to human performance data

At the end of both gameplays, electrical energy data was converted to real-life human performance statistics, such as carbohydrates and energy consumed during each gameplay. This provided an opportunity at the end to offer free sampling of Abbott's performance consumer products.

Abbott London Marathon Gameplay

THE impact

The Abbott stand saw tremendous success by attracting the attention and awareness of thousands of global visitors to the kinetic energy game challenge during both the 2022 London and Chicago marathon and the 2023 London marathon. In 2022 in London, the professional footballer Álvaro Arbeloa and Eliud Kipchoge made public appearances, further raising awareness.

kinetic Brand Engagement Reached Thousands of visitors

With brand activations at both the Chicago and London Marathon Expos reaching over 150k people at each race, consumer understanding and awareness of Abbott as a brand in the wellness and health technology space has significantly increased due to the kinetic brand experience.

Huge increase in brand and consumer product awareness

Overall, the Kinetic Brand Experience designed by Pavegen helped Abbott achieve its goal of enhancing its brand identity with consumers focused on wellness and increasing consumer understanding and awareness of the brand in the health technology space. The highly competitive games against elite athletes engaged participants and provided a unique opportunity to showcase Abbott's sports hydration and performance products with product sampling. The impact of this successful campaign has been significant, and Abbott can continue to build on this success to strengthen its position as a leading player in the health technology space.