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The Bullring

Birmingham, UK

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kinetic retail revolution

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Pavegen has illuminated Birmingham's iconic Bullring with its pioneering kinetic energy technology, bringing sustainability and climate change engagement to life. As the Bullring aims to become greener and more sustainable, Pavegen's installation showcases a range of products and solutions designed to align with ESG goals, creating an immersive and engaging experience for visitors.

The Bullring sought to elevate its commitment to sustainability, aiming to transform its bustling environment into a living testament of environmental responsibility. The challenge was to find an innovative and visually compelling way to communicate this commitment to the thousands of shoppers passing through the centre daily.



Pavegen designed and built an eye-catching and stylish installation using strobe lights and gamification with the ‘ElectroShuffle’. The ElectroShuffle challenged visitors to use their best dance moves to generate the most real-time energy in competition with each other. Two Pavegen platforms allowed players to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard and compete for the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.

the solution

An integrated platform of all Pavegen's dynamic offerings, including the new Walk to Light flooring, captured attention of visitors to the Bullring. Visitors could access a series of engaging applications through the power of their footsteps:


  • Smart USB Charging Benches
  • Green Wall Irrigation
  • New Ultra-Low Energy E-Ink Displays
  • Gamified Kinetic Experiences with Tree Planting Software!
  • Interactive LED Lighting

Each application was 100% powered by kinetic footstep energy turning the shopping experience into an interactive journey for visitors but also showcasing the Bullring's dedication to incorporating sustainable solutions into its infrastructure.


Sarah Tinsley, Director of Marketing and Placemaking at Bullring owner and operator Hammersons said: "The partnership between Hammerson and Pavegen has introduced a dynamic and engaging dimension to the Bullring, seamlessly aligning with our commitment to ESG. The Pavegen installation vividly illustrates innovation, where our shoppers' footsteps are directly contributing to renewable energy generation. This initiative is further solidifying the Bullring's standing as an innovative destination." 

Bullring Tree Planting


The installation transformed routine shopping visits into captivating experiences. Shoppers engaged with the technology as each step contributed to the illumination of pathways, reforestation (we planted 1000 trees from peoples footsteps!), and renewable energy contributions. 

The interactive nature of the "Walk to Light" experience not only engaged visitors but also raised awareness about sustainable energy generation in a retail setting.