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Cesis space centre


The Challenge

In March 2021, Citigroup (Citi), a global banking giant, under the leadership of CEO Jane Fraser, boldly announced its commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. This ambitious target reflects Citi's recognition of the urgent need to address climate change and its determination to lead the transition to a net zero economy. With interim goals set for 2030, one of Citi's initial steps in the UK was to galvanise its employees at the Canary Wharf headquarters through an internal communications campaign.


Supported by their agency in London, Citi required a solution to educate and inform employees in an innovative way that included employees in their ambitious plan.

Energise STEM Education with Cēsis Space Education Centre

Step into the realm where innovation meets education at the Cēsis Space Education Centre in Latvia, a beacon of inspiration for young minds exploring the wonders of space exploration and STEM subjects. At the heart of this cosmic journey lies Pavegen—a revolutionary force driving sustainable energy solutions and interactive engagement.

The Cēsis Space Education Centre aimed to provide a transformative educational experience, igniting curiosity and passion for STEM subjects among young learners. They sought a dynamic solution to immerse students in the wonders of space exploration while fostering an understanding of sustainable energy.



To bring their net zero commitment to life and engage employees innovatively, Citi partnered with Pavegen and agency Salterbaxter. Pavegen designed an interactive Kinetic Employee Engagement Experience centred around the campaign "Power Up Net Zero – Show Them What a Global Bank Can Do." Using Pavegen's award-winning technology, employees and visitors were challenged to generate as much kinetic energy as possible in 20 seconds, fostering competition with a leaderboard.

A visually striking Pavegen array, accompanied by an audio-visual totem, was strategically installed in a prominent location within the Canary Wharf office. This placement ensured maximum visibility and engagement, reaching thousands of employees daily as they passed through the area.

An interactive energy game was deployed to educate and inspire employees and visitors alike about Citi's net zero ambitions. The game challenged participants to create as much kinetic energy as possible in 20 seconds and added a competitive element with a leaderboard. 

the solution

Enter Pavegen — with the largest kinetic floor in Europe — a giant sustainable step for mankind and a monumental leap for STEM education. As space cadets and educators tread upon Pavegen's kinetic floor, they embark on a journey of discovery, exploring how energy is harnessed in an interactive and engaging manner. Pavegen's innovative technology transforms the Space Education Centre into a living, breathing classroom, where learners not only understand the cosmos but feel the energy beneath their feet, connecting with the technological marvels that shape our future.


Miks Denis, Head of the Cesis Space Education Center: "We are building a future society and one of the main goals of that is to think about technology that can be renewable. In the Space Education Center, every step matters, we needed to have bold ideas, for example how we can make electricity using our human resources.


This was the perfect example, Pavegen helped us to show that in the future we can use this floor in every building."

cesis and pavegen


Pavegen's integration into the Cēsis Space Education Centre has redefined the educational landscape, paving the way for inspired minds to explore the limitless possibilities of STEM subjects.

With Pavegen as the rhythmic heartbeat propelling young learners into a new era of education, the Centre has become more than just a destination—it's a testament to the transformative power of technology in education. Pavegen's innovative approach is transforming education one step at a time, inspiring students to embrace the wonders of STEM and chart their course towards a brighter future.