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In a bustling corner of the Dubai Expo 2020, where innovation meets imagination, Ch2m and Mace set out on an extraordinary mission. Their goal? To transform a mere children's play area into a portal of inspiration, where the thrill of adventure intertwines with the urgency of sustainability. Collaborating with Pavegen, they embarked on a journey to not just entertain, but to enlighten, as they crafted an experience that would captivate young minds and propel them towards a greener tomorrow.

Dubbed "The Race to Space," this visionary endeavour sought to do more than just entertain. It aimed to infuse the UAE Space Programme's spirit into every step taken by the Expo's youngest visitors, while planting the seeds of sustainability deep within their consciousness. The playground became a stage where children became astronauts of their own destiny, propelled by the power of their footsteps towards a future fuelled by renewable energy.


Powering the minds of the next generation with sustainability

The game is simple, use your footsteps to power the rocket and race against your friends, whoever creates the most kinetic energy, wins!

At the heart of this transformative experience lay gamification—a powerful tool that turned mere play into purposeful action. Eight Pavegen arrays awaited eager footsteps, propelling rockets in a race to Mars. Guided by beloved Expo characters Rashid and Latifa, participants became stewards of change, sparking dialogue about sustainability and collective responsibility. As they raced against friends, their every footfall became a spark of kinetic energy, propelling rockets not just skyward, but on a journey to Mars—a destination as distant as it was ambitious.

Beyond the surface excitement, a deeper conversation stirred. The Race to Mars became a catalyst for dialogue, sparking discussions about individual impact and collective responsibility. Each person who participated became not just a player, but a steward of change, empowered to make sustainable choices in their daily lives. With Rashid and Latifa cheering them on, they embarked on a journey not just towards Mars, but towards a future where sustainability was not just a dream but a collective endeavour.Untitled design (73)



Pavegen is based in King’s Cross, in the heart of London’s tech revolution. We’re just a few minutes’ walk from King’s Cross and St. Pancras International Stations. Our research and development centre operates in Cambridge, the innovation hub of the country.


Educating and Empowering Through Renewable energy

The impact rippled beyond the Expo 2020 grounds, resonating with families and communities far and wide. By seamlessly blending entertainment with education, Ch2m, Mace, and Pavegen didn't just create a playground—we forged a pathway towards a more sustainable world. Through ingenuity, we inspired a generation to not just dream of reaching for the stars but to do so with a firm commitment to preserving the planet they call home.

Furthermore, The Race to Space left a lasting imprint on renewable energy education. Participants not only experienced the thrill of generating clean, off-grid energy with their footsteps but also gained a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainable technology. As they raced towards Mars, they became ambassadors for renewable energy, carrying the message of sustainability into their communities and schools.

As the curtains closed on Dubai Expo 2020, the echoes of The Race to Space lingered, a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the boundless potential of young hearts ignited with the flame of sustainability.