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FORD Ride London 2023

Trafalgar Square, UK

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Driving Innovation: Ford's Sustainability Journey

FORD Ride London 2023

One of the world’s largest public cycle events over 3 days in the heart of London, FORD Ride London is a unique and innovative celebration of cycling and sustainable transport.  

In May 2023 – marking the 10th anniversary of the event – more than 70,000+ cyclists rode into London to take part in Ford Ride London.

The 2023 FORD Ride London event served as a platform to showcase Ford’s commitment to electrification with its new Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric vehicle that uses regenerative technology to harness renewable energy from stepping on the brakes.

Ford sought a unique and engaging activation to promote this innovative feature of their vehicles and raise awareness of their dedication to sustainable transport. 



Pavegen designed and built an eye-catching and stylish installation using strobe lights and gamification with the ‘ElectroShuffle’. The ElectroShuffle challenged visitors to use their best dance moves to generate the most real-time energy in competition with each other. Two Pavegen platforms allowed players to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard and compete for the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.

Pioneering Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Pavegen designed and built a brand-new Kinetic Brand Experience Challenge that converted the kinetic energy from footsteps into usable electrical power. The vibrant atmosphere was fuelled by participants' lively steps, which generated electricity and data to seamlessly control an engaging kinetic energy challenge game.



The concept behind the game was simple yet powerful: the more physical energy participants exerted, the more electricity was generated. As participants played, the real-time data fed into the game software, gradually decelerating the virtual Ford Mustang Mach-E.


This impressive demonstration underscored the direct relationship between physical effort and sustainable energy production as well as promoted Ford's innovative regenerative braking system. The dynamic leaderboard prominently displayed the top ten most energetic participants, fostering friendly competition while highlighting the remarkable power of sustainable energy. Ford merchandise was given to every contestant. 




Redefining Automotive Sustainability

7000+ kinetic gameplays.  50,000+ cyclists. Global Impact!

The Pavegen Kinetic Brand Experience successfully aligned Ford with a sustainable and innovative technology, that enhanced visitors' perception of their regenerative braking technology. The combination of Pavegen's interactive flooring and Ford's electric vehicle displays communicated the brand's commitment to a greener future. 

The installation went beyond a mere visual attraction. It served as a powerful educational tool, providing attendees with valuable insights into Ford's electric vehicle offerings and the advantages of clean energy. The interactive nature of the flooring engaged visitors by allowing them to directly participate in the energy generation process through their footsteps.

Through this collaboration, Ford demonstrated its commitment to sustainable mobility solutions and solidified its position as an innovative leader in the automotive industry.