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London, UK

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planting sustainability with HSBC

In a world where sustainability is the cornerstone of modern architecture and corporate responsibility, global financial giant HSBC embarked on a transformative journey with Pavegen, in their collaborative mission to showcase unwavering commitment to sustainability within the iconic walls of HSBC's London headquarters.

HSBC aimed to make sustainability not just a symbolic gesture but a tangible commitment. The challenge was to find an innovative, engaging, and visually compelling way to communicate this dedication within its high-traffic London headquarters.



Pavegen designed and built an eye-catching and stylish installation using strobe lights and gamification with the ‘ElectroShuffle’. The ElectroShuffle challenged visitors to use their best dance moves to generate the most real-time energy in competition with each other. Two Pavegen platforms allowed players to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard and compete for the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.

the solution

HSBC boldly embraced Pavegen's kinetic footstep technology, installing a kinetic walkway in the main entrance of its Canary Wharf HQ. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, each tile captured energy from foot traffic and converted it into electrical power, transforming the everyday experience for occupants and visitors into a journey of environmental consciousness.


Engagement and Community Impact

The kinetic tiles turned the HSBC building's lobby into an interactive space. Employees and visitors walking across the tiles received immediate feedback through an digital display, illustrating the power generated and the trees planted globally. HSBC's commitment extended beyond its walls, contributing to global reforestation efforts through Pavegen's partnership with EverTreen.

Pavegen at HSBC HQ


1000 trees planted!

The project successfully engaged employees, raising awareness about sustainable energy generation. Over the course of the initiative, the kinetic tiles generated enough energy to plant a remarkable 1000 trees, becoming a tangible testament to HSBC's dedication to sustainability and its ongoing net-zero initiatives.

HSBC's London headquarters became a beacon of corporate responsibility, inspiring others to join the collective effort to combat climate change. The project showcased the impactful and engaging nature of sustainability initiatives, highlighting how innovation, engagement, and community involvement can unite to create a more sustainable future.