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The Challenge

In March 2021, Citigroup (Citi), a global banking giant, under the leadership of CEO Jane Fraser, boldly announced its commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050. This ambitious target reflects Citi's recognition of the urgent need to address climate change and its determination to lead the transition to a net zero economy. With interim goals set for 2030, one of Citi's initial steps in the UK was to galvanise its employees at the Canary Wharf headquarters through an internal communications campaign.


Supported by their agency in London, Citi required a solution to educate and inform employees in an innovative way that included employees in their ambitious plan.

Kaluza's Kinetic Collab at Enlit 2023

12,000+ attendees bringing to life an intelligent AI platform to power the future of energy through gamification.

Kaluza, a leading innovator in the energy sector, aimed to spotlight their world-leading AI algorithm—a zero-carbon system that's revolutionising access to green energy. They sought to showcase how this innovation turns homes into green power stations, highlighting its impact on sustainability and energy efficiency.

Seeking a dynamic solution to showcase their technology at Enlit Europe 2023, Kaluza needed a way to communicate the technical side of their technology to consumers.



To bring their net zero commitment to life and engage employees innovatively, Citi partnered with Pavegen and agency Salterbaxter. Pavegen designed an interactive Kinetic Employee Engagement Experience centred around the campaign "Power Up Net Zero – Show Them What a Global Bank Can Do." Using Pavegen's award-winning technology, employees and visitors were challenged to generate as much kinetic energy as possible in 20 seconds, fostering competition with a leaderboard.

A visually striking Pavegen array, accompanied by an audio-visual totem, was strategically installed in a prominent location within the Canary Wharf office. This placement ensured maximum visibility and engagement, reaching thousands of employees daily as they passed through the area.

An interactive energy game was deployed to educate and inspire employees and visitors alike about Citi's net zero ambitions. The game challenged participants to create as much kinetic energy as possible in 20 seconds and added a competitive element with a leaderboard. 

the solution

Partnering with Pavegen, Kaluza introduced an innovative approach to engage visitors at Enlit Europe. Pavegen's kinetic flooring technology was seamlessly integrated into the event space, creating an interactive and gamified kinetic energy experience.


Visitors' footsteps on the Pavegen kinetic flooring generated energy, powering LED lights surrounding the exhibit. Moreover, the data collected from these interactions was converted to drive interactive gameplay, fostering positive interactions with visitors.


Natasha Manilal, Events Marketing Manager at Kaluza: "The idea was to power up attendees feet and it really also resonates with our mission of sustainability as your feet generate power. We had people coming none stop, the game was an exciting and a great attraction to our booth!"

kaluza gameplay


The collaboration between Pavegen and Kaluza resulted in a compelling B2B marketing experience at Enlit Europe. By showcasing the energy generated from kinetic footsteps and highlighting the transformative potential of V2G technology, the exhibit effectively engaged thousands (12,000+) of visitors.

This immersive experience not only raised awareness about Kaluza's innovative solutions but also demonstrated their commitment to driving positive change in the energy market. Overall, the collaboration between Pavegen and Kaluza left a lasting impact on attendees, fostering enthusiasm and support for sustainable energy businesses.