See how it works - key features of the Pavegen system

  • Off-grid efficient energy generation 
  • Engaging for the public
  • Low carbon
  • Suitable for new developments

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The product

The energy harvested by the Pavegen tile can immediately power off-grid applications such as pedestrian lighting, way-finding solutions and advertising signage or be stored in an on-board battery in the unit.

  • Dimensions: 600mm x 450mm. Depth 56mm 
  • Power: 12 Volts DC
  • Up to 7 Watts per footstep

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Real time, live updates from Pavegen tiles onto the web with our API

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Pavegen with Stephen Hawking

"Harvesting electricity from human activity is the ultimate renewable energy"

Professor Stephen Hawking’s Brave New World examines how science & technology is striving for humankind's next leap forward in innovation. Hawking's team of scientists followed Pavegen every step of the way at the Schneider Electric Paris Marathon our largest installation to date.