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Every Step generates
a powerful connection

visit the kinetic future of cities London until 29 Sept

As part of our CrowdFund, we're showcasing our latest kinetic innovations and applications of our technology at The Building Centre, Store Street, London, WC1E 7BT

Visit our showcase - Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm until 29th September 2023





Our Kinetic Energy Solutions Are Inspiring Brands All Over The World To Create A Meaningful And Lasting Connection With Stakeholders Around Sustainability And ESG Practices.


Our Award-Winning Kinetic Technology Uniquely Uses The Renewable Energy Generated By A Footstep, With The Excitement Of Highly Engaging Experiences, To Educate And Inspire Stakeholders.
The Connection You Make, Helps Improve Reputation, Strengthen Relationships And Build Greater Loyalty And Retention, Resulting In A More Profitable And Sustainable Future For All.

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Pavegen is a smart flooring technology that transforms footsteps into electrical energy, data, and rewards.

Our tech uses the kinetic energy generated by footsteps to power engaging activations that educate, inspire, and enable people around sustainability.

Pavegen and Google in Berlin



Pavegen connects brands and partners with their customers and stakeholders, by building trust and loyalty through interactive experiences.

Each step on our smart flooring creates renewable energy for immersive experiences. From LED displays and gamification to rich data insights and smart street applications, we help curate unique brand experiences.

In the digital age, trust is key. Pavegen builds bespoke, sustainable installations, making users part of the solution for lasting brand loyalty through sustainability. 

By making people part of the solution, Pavegen provides a unique experience capable of captivating users and generating real, meaningful, positive change. 

Step. Power. Connect.