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Gen-Z make sustainability key issue in fighting climate crisis


Sustainability is the key battleground for the 

hearts, minds and wallets of the world's young adults.


11th April 2023 - LONDON, UK

We have created an energy and climate crisis as we continue to eat up the Earth's non-renewable resources.

GenZ and Millennials, tomorrow’s decision-makers and powerhouse consumers, care so deeply about this existential emergency that sustainability will be a major factor in their spending. Research group First Insight reckons 62% will only engage with organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to it.

90% of GenZ are willing to pay +10% more!

Also, significantly 90% of them are willing to pay up to 10% more with organisations with sustainability credentials compared to 34% two years ago according to McKinsey, another research group.

This means that taking action to advance your sustainability ambitions is only half the battle. Business owners, property developers, retailers, and city planners all need to engage with their communities to demonstrate how they are taking positive action.

Is Your Sustainability Message Getting Across?

Initiatives like smart cities are a case in point. A smart city uses technology and communications to connect with its citizens and their needs and create a more sustainable system.

However, much of the technology is hidden or not easily observable – solar panels on the roof, water recycling, more efficient air conditioning or even using recycled paper in the photocopiers. They are important actions, but their lack of transparency could mean the message is not getting across. Fail to do that and you risk alienating these powerful generations of purchasers and smart citizens.

Citizen Engagement in smart cities is Key

Pavegen and its kinetic energy floors can be the first step on that path to citizen engagement. Each Pavegen triangular floor tile features efficient electromagnetic generators which can convert some of the kinetic energy of a footstep into electrical energy.

The clever bit though is not in the amount of energy it produces – this is not going to power the world – it is what you do with it that counts.

Pavegen has clients all over the world who are spending billions to meet their sustainability goals. They have used our e-pavement and the authentic, green energy it generates to build closer relationships with customers, to educate them on their sustainability initiatives, to encourage wellness, to bring some fun to their sustainable cities and even to become more efficient.

Sustainability Springs to Life with Kinetic Living Walls

Around the globe, many kinetic paving installations prove this point. One extremely exciting opportunity is the living green wall. These are springing up in offices, shopping centres, and community spaces. They are initially an eye-catching cascade of plants on a wall but then they can soon become too familiar and a bit "same old, same old".

Lay down a Pavegen kinetic pavement next to the wall and now the people who walk on it will power an irrigation system or a plant fertilising system to sustain the wall. They are now a part of the living wall project. And, by connecting to message boards or through our mobile phone app, these passers-by can be sent direct messaging about the initiative.

It is also inclusive – everyone who walks on the kinetic energy flooring has become a stakeholder in the living wall.

Pavegen energy floor is Sprinting Ahead in Hong Kong

In The Quayside, Hong Kong we have installed an indoor running track to promote well-being while also supporting the environment. The joggers get instant feedback on their energy levels through a live data screen powered by their footsteps. They can also get feedback through the mobile phone app.

Inspired by this, we are working with some visionary designers and planners to create a city of the future. A projected 93km long sustainable urban highway in Dubai's imaginative smart city development, The Loop, will build Pavegen into the fabric of the city and the day to day lives of its smart citizens as they walk, run or cycle on it.

Kinetic Sidewalks that Light Up 

Kinetic pavements can be fun as well as practical. One UK city is looking at an e-pavement that lights up as people walk over it and then leaves an attractive, fading trail behind them like a shooting star. This allows the council to turn off some streetlights while also using the pavement's energy generation to activate CCTV so the citizens can feel safer.

It is not just for the big scale like cities. Such citizen engagement initiatives can be undertaken by shopping centres, high streets, railway stations, airports, office blocks, schools, and anywhere where people move to go about their daily business.

Immediate Gains for Citizens of Smart Cities

This goes well beyond simple gimmicks and "green washing", these are real projects, real initiatives that produce immediate gains, which engage with people and, very importantly, help to communicate and build sustainability into your organisation.

Billions will be spent on sustainability initiatives over the coming years – communicating and educating your customers, citizens and employees will help you make the most of your investment.

By unlocking the power of every footstep Pavegen is helping to generate positive outcomes for people, for businesses, and for the planet.

Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder and CEO, Pavegen