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Pavegen collaborated with Coca-Cola to create a dynamic kinetic engagement experience at the 2015 Expo Milano, aligning with the event's theme of "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life." The partnership aimed to showcase innovative energy technologies, such as Pavegen, while promoting sustainability initiatives and positive brand messaging to millions of visitors.


The Challenge


Coca-Cola sought to create an engaging and memorable experience at Expo Milano 2015 that would highlight its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The challenge was to captivate the attention of over 20 million visitors over the six-month duration of the event while effectively communicating the brand's values and initiatives.

coca-cola milan

the solution

Pavegen collaborated with Coca-Cola to implement a gamified kinetic energy dance floor that captured the footsteps of Expo attendees. This innovative setup not only demonstrated the potential of sustainable technologies but also provided an interactive, fun, and memorable experience for visitors. The installation was strategically integrated into Coca-Cola's exhibition space, seamlessly blending entertainment with education.

Metrics and Impact

Engagement: The kinetic energy installation successfully engaged over 20 million visitors, fostering meaningful interactions and conversations around sustainability and energy conservation.

Brand Messaging: Coca-Cola's commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and sustainability initiatives was effectively communicated through the experiential activation, enhancing brand perception and reputation.

Stakeholder Engagement: Pavegen's bespoke gamification techniques encouraged further interaction and participation, deepening stakeholder engagement with Coca-Cola's sustainability efforts.

the impact

The partnership between Pavegen and Coca-Cola at Expo Milano 2015 showcased the power of kinetic engagement in promoting sustainability and positive brand messaging. By harnessing the energy of millions of visitors, Coca-Cola effectively demonstrated its dedication to environmental stewardship while providing an immersive experience that resonated with attendees.

Our takeaway...

This collaboration highlights the potential of experiential marketing and innovative technologies in driving meaningful engagement and communication of sustainability initiatives. By leveraging interactive installations like Pavegen, brands like Coca-Cola can inspire and educate audiences while reinforcing their commitment to creating a more sustainable future.

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