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UEFA’s Champions Innovate unveils three startups set to boost innovation around the 2024 UEFA Champions League Final

PRESS RELEASE - London, 16 February 2024

Pavegen Selected by UEFA’s Champions Innovate Program to Revolutionise Fan Engagement at 2024 UEFA Champions League Final.

Pavegen, a leading innovator in kinetic energy technology, has been chosen as one of the pioneering start-ups by UEFA’s Champions Innovate program, in collaboration with PepsiCo, Just Eat Takeaway.com, and Mastercard, aimed at enhancing innovation and sustainability around the 2024 UEFA Champions League final. 

Champions Innovate, UEFA's trailblazing initiative dedicated to fostering innovation and sustainability surrounding the prestigious event, has handpicked Pavegen among other cutting-edge start-ups to spearhead a ground-breaking project geared towards revolutionizing fan engagement at the Champions Festival in Trafalgar Square. 

Partnering with PepsiCo, Pavegen will harness the power of fan footsteps to generate renewable energy for the Friday Night DJ set, presented by Rockstar Energy® drink.  

By leveraging Pavegen's innovative smart flooring technology, the kinetic energy generated by the enthusiastic strides of football fans will be converted into electrical power, setting a precedent for sustainable energy solutions in the realm of sports and entertainment events. 

"We are thrilled to collaborate with UEFA and PepsiCo to showcase the transformative potential of our kinetic energy technology in enhancing fan engagement and promoting sustainability," said Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen. "Being shortlisted in the Sports Technology Awards 2024 for Fan Engagement further underscores our commitment to revolutionising the sports industry through innovative solutions." 

The selection of Pavegen underscores UEFA’s dedication to catalysing innovation and sustainability-focused endeavours across the football ecosystem, aligning seamlessly with its robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy for the grand finale in London. 


Notes to Editors 

For more information, photos and videos, please contact Pavegen Marketing and Communications team - email: press@pavegen.com    

About Pavegen:

Pavegen is a pioneering technology company specialising in kinetic energy solutions that harness the power of footsteps to create sustainable energy. With a mission to revolutionise the way people engage with their surroundings, Pavegen's innovative smart flooring technology has been deployed worldwide in various applications, from public spaces to major events, driving positive environmental impact and promoting interactive experiences. For more information, visit Pavegen's website.  

This press release highlights Pavegen's selection by UEFA's Champions Innovate program and emphasises its role in transforming fan engagement through sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, it integrates Pavegen's recent recognition in the Sports Technology Awards 2024, showcasing the company's ongoing commitment to innovation in the sports industry. 

More information can be found on the UEFA website: 

UEFA Official Press Release: UEFA’s Champions Innovate unveils three startups set to boost innovation around the 2024 UEFA Champions League final 

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