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Gatorade, a leading sports drink brand under PepsiCo, teamed up with Pavegen to enhance the experience of its headline youth football event held at Barcelona's iconic 1992 Olympic stadium. The goal was to create engaging installations that not only entertained participants but also showcased Gatorade's commitment to innovation and youth sports development.


The Challenge


Gatorade aimed to elevate the excitement surrounding its youth football event while reinforcing its brand values of performance, energy, and hydration. With international teams of 13 to 16-year-olds gathering for the finals, there was a need to provide entertainment and engagement opportunities that aligned with the brand's identity.

Gatorade and Pavegen

THE solution

Pavegen collaborated with Gatorade to design and implement two interactive installations at the Barcelona Olympic stadium:

Penalty Challenge Game: A dynamic and immersive gaming experience where participants could test their football skills in a penalty shootout scenario. This installation not only added excitement to the event but also promoted friendly competition among players and spectators. Underneath the penalty shoot-out an energy-generating walkway, strategically placed to capture the footsteps of players. Each jump, kick, and step generated renewable energy and an interactive message about sustainability.

Metrics and Impact

 - Engagement: The Penalty Challenge game and energy harvesting walkway captivated participants and spectators alike, providing memorable experiences during downtime between matches.

 - Brand Visibility: Gatorade's brand presence was amplified through interactive activations, reinforcing its association with youth sports and innovation.

 - Sustainability: The energy harvested from the walkway showcased Gatorade's commitment to sustainability, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to promote environmental stewardship.

THE impact

The collaboration between Gatorade and Pavegen transformed the Spanish youth football event into an immersive and impactful experience. By integrating interactive installations and sustainable technology, Gatorade effectively engaged its target audience and reinforced its brand values in a meaningful way.

Our Takeaway...

This partnership exemplifies the potential of experiential marketing, STEM learning, and sustainable innovation across sports and brand activations. By leveraging interactive technologies like Pavegen, brands like Gatorade can create memorable experiences that resonate with consumers while reinforcing their commitment to performance, energy, and sustainability.

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