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Guinness Kinetic Dance floor

Chicago, USA

Brewing Sustainability: Guinness' Commitment to Green Innovation

Our client, a renowned global stout brand, has always been at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. As the much-awaited St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago approached, they sought to reconnect with consumers in a meaningful way. After three years of absence, the return of the iconic Chicago River Dying event provided the perfect opportunity to reignite the brand's presence.  

Supporting a global goal with a kinetic brand experience

Our challenge was to create an unforgettable brand activation that not only delivered the best St. Patrick's Day experience but also raised awareness about the brand's commitment to donating 1 million hours to local communities across the US. 


Pavegen designed and built an eye-catching and stylish installation using strobe lights and gamification with the ‘ElectroShuffle’. The ElectroShuffle challenged visitors to use their best dance moves to generate the most real-time energy in competition with each other. Two Pavegen platforms allowed players to battle for the top spot on the leaderboard and compete for the chance to win tickets to next year’s festival.

Crafting a Sustainable Legacy Through Innovation

Working closely with our client and their marketing agency, the Pavegen brand activation team conceptualised and brought to life a Kinetic Brand Experience that captured the essence of the brand's social impact campaign.  


A Unique Kinetic Brand Experience

Our talented designers and software engineers crafted a custom energy-generating dance floor, complemented by a vibrant DJ set, encouraging participants to convert their dance moves into clean energy. 


The Kinetic Brand Experience immersed people in a unique journey of movement and connection with the brand. A digital data screen displayed the energy generated by each dancer, while also educating viewers on the brand's sustainability goals and core messages. In a visually captivating twist, a bespoke branded LED light bar filled a digital pint of stout, shaped like the iconic harp, with real-time energy generated from each footstep.

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Powering Brand Identity with Sustainable Impact

The kinetic brand activation resonated deeply with consumers and the wider public in Chicago, igniting their enthusiasm for the brand's iconic products and social impact initiatives.  

Powering Brand identity

The one-day kinetic brand experience took the city by storm, captivating thousands of visitors and garnering global press coverage throughout the entire week of celebrations.  

By raising valuable awareness of the Guinness Gives Back 1 Million Hours Pledge, the activation not only reinforced the brand's reputation but also showcased its dedication to making a positive difference in communities.  

The event was an extraordinary success, leaving an indelible mark on the minds and hearts of participants while exemplifying the brand's unwavering commitment to innovation and social responsibility. 

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