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Pavegen Wins 'Fan Engagement Award' at the 2024 Sports Technology Awards

PRESS RELEASE - London, 10 May 2024

Pavegen, a global leader in kinetic energy experiences, is thrilled to announce its victory in the Sports Technology Awards - Fan Engagement category. This recognition highlights Pavegen’s innovative approach to sports marketing technology, redefining fan engagement through immersive interactions across diverse sports landscapes at global events and stadia. 

Pavegen transforms human footsteps into renewable energy, creating an interactive and sustainable connection between fans and their favourite sports. By gamifying this experience, fans of all ages can engage with tennis, motorsport, marathon running, football, and other sports in meaningful ways while generating off-grid energy for low energy applications like LED lighting, USB phone charging. This aligns perfectly with Pavegen’s commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives, including STEM education and social impact projects in local communities. 

With notable successes at major events such as the Australian Open, and partnerships with renowned industry leaders including Kia, Ford, and Volvo Cars, along with sports organisations like the Minnesota Vikings, Pavegen stands as a frontrunner in sports technology and brand marketing. The company’s kinetic technology enhances brand engagement, fan loyalty, and sustainability, offering a pioneering solution that appeals to stakeholders worldwide. 

Case Study: Kia at the Australian Open 

At the Australian Open in Melbourne, Pavegen collaborated with Kia to deliver an engaging tennis experience that attracted over 6,900 participants, generating 790,000 joules of kinetic energy for EV charging. Fans immersed themselves in a gamified platform that harnessed their movements to create renewable energy, showcasing Kia's commitment to ESG practices while actively engaging with the audience. 

Case Study: NFL Minnesota Vikings 

Pavegen’s permanent stadium installation at the Minnesota Vikings Training Camp is another testament to the company’s impact. By involving school-aged fans in STEM education through its kinetic technology, Pavegen delivers a comprehensive and engaging fan experience that aligns with the Vikings' community values. 

Expanding the Scope of Engagement 

Pavegen’s innovative technology has also been deployed at other significant events, including Ford Ride London (cycling), Volvo Cars at the Ocean Race, and at multiple global destinations. These partnerships have resulted in millions of joules of energy generated and hundreds of thousands of fans engaged in a truly unique way. 

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen, expressed gratitude for the recognition:

“Winning the Sports Technology Award for Fan Engagement is a testament to our commitment to creating a more sustainable and engaging future in sports. We’re proud to offer a solution that not only resonates with fans and stakeholders but also promotes the principles of sustainability.” 

Pavegen’s ground-breaking approach, integrating kinetic energy capture with immersive sports experiences, continues to lead the way in redefining fan engagement while demonstrating measurable impact and commercial success. The company remains dedicated to its mission of creating positive change by offering a holistic solution that merges entertainment, technology, and sustainability.  


Contact Information: For media inquiries and more information, please contact Ava Lawrence at Finch PR ava@finchpr.com 

Notes to Editors: 

Pavegen’s CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook is available for interviews and further comments. High-resolution images and additional materials are available upon request. Please visit our website www.pavegen.com and follow them on their social media channels for real time updates throughout the event. 

About Pavegen 

Pavegen is a leading UK based company providing solutions for sustainable and smart city development. Through kinetic energy technology, Pavegen is turning footsteps into electricity, illuminating spaces, and empowering communities to contribute to a greener planet. 

Pavegen win fan engagement award at STA