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ClimateTech Business Leaders unite ahead of the general election to lobby political leaders

PRESS RELEASE - London, 28 June 2024

Pavegen CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook Co-Signs Letter Calling for ClimateTech Innovation Ahead of UK General Election

28 June 2024, London, UK - 

Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder and CEO of Pavegen, has joined forces with over 100 prominent business leaders to co-sign a letter addressed to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour Party Leader Sir Keir Starmer. The letter, released ahead of the UK general election on 4th July, calls for the next government to place innovation at the heart of its climate change strategy. 

The signatories emphasise the critical role of ClimateTech firms in achieving net zero goals and ensuring the UK remains at the forefront of the low-carbon economy. The letter advocates for a comprehensive policy agenda that supports the foundation, scaling, and commercialisation of ClimateTech businesses, positioning the UK as a global leader in this vital sector.

Laurence Kemball-Cook stated, "Supporting ClimateTech firms is essential not only for hitting our net zero targets but also for securing the industries, jobs, and economic growth of the future. It is imperative that the next government prioritizes ClimateTech innovation to drive both environmental and economic progress."

The letter highlights the necessity for a joined-up approach to policy-making, aiming to make the UK the best place in the world to establish and grow ClimateTech businesses. The signatories are eager to meet with leaders from both major political parties to discuss how to effectively support and enhance the ClimateTech sector.

The letter is endorsed by a diverse group of leaders, including Stephen Murphy, Founder of ClimateImpact, and Charlie Mercer, Deputy Policy Director of the Startup Coalition, among others.

For more information about the letter and its signatories, please visit Startup Coalition and Climate Impact.

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For views on how to deliver a net zero and more resilient UK, visit the Pavegen blog.

About Pavegen:

Pavegen is a pioneering technology company specialising in kinetic energy solutions that harness the power of footsteps to create sustainable energy. With a mission to revolutionise the way people engage with their surroundings, Pavegen's innovative smart flooring technology has been deployed worldwide in various applications, from public spaces to major events, driving positive environmental impact and promoting interactive experiences. For more information, visit Pavegen's website.  

This press release highlights Pavegen's selection by UEFA's Champions Innovate program and emphasises its role in transforming fan engagement through sustainable energy solutions. Additionally, it integrates Pavegen's recent recognition in the Sports Technology Awards 2024, showcasing the company's ongoing commitment to innovation in the sports industry. 

About The Startup Coalition

The Startup Coalition is an independent advocacy group that serves as the policy voice for technology-led start ups and scaleups in the UK. The Startup Coalition, previously known as Coadec, is an independent advocacy group that serves as the policy voice for technology-led start ups and scaleups in the UK.

About Climate Impact

Founded on the belief that collaboration done right can set in motion positive change. The mission at ClimateImpact is hence to scale climate solutions across start-ups, government, corporates, and financial institutions. 

Launched in January 2023, ClimateImpact hosts a series of forums, creates content, and builds a global community of the world’s leading climate technology innovators. With growth-stage founders at the centre of everything they connect the world's leading entrepreneurs with investors, policy makers, media, and corporates. 

ClimateImpact focus on in-person roundtables, workshops, and content creation across multiple technology verticals. Our events are invite-only, Chatham House, networking and roundtable sessions for scale-up founders (minimum raise $5m+), growth investors, major corporates and local government.