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Every time someone walks over a Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footstep. The energy can be stored in batteries, or used to power applications.


The energy harvested by the Pavegen tile can immediately power off-grid applications such as pedestrian lighting, way-finding solutions and advertising signage or be stored in a battery.

The technology is best suited to high-footfall urban environments.

API & Wireless Technology

Pavegen tiles have the ability to send wireless data using the energy from footsteps and can be integrated with our
API as a key technology for smart cities. The Pavegen technology offers the first tangible way for people to engage with renewable energy generation and to provide live data on footfall wherever the tiles are.

Smart Power Technology

Being at the forefront of this innovation, the team at Pavegen strive to enhance the capabilities of the Pavegen tile to its absolute limits. Our latest breakthrough is Smart Power Technology.


The top surface of the flooring unit is made from 100% recycled rubber and the base of the slab is constructed from over 80% recycled materials. The system can be simply retrofitted in place of existing flooring systems as well as specified for new developments.


The Pavegen tiles are designed to withstand harsh outdoor locations with high footfall. The slabs are waterproof to allow them to operate efficiently in both internal and external environments.

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CE Testing

Pavegen units are CE fully compliant which is a mandatory conformity mark for any products placed on the market in the European Economic Area.

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