–  interconnectivity with surrounding devices. Machine to machine control.

Analytics  –  the tiles can collect and communicate real-time footfall data for analytics, information on pedestrian movements and even social media updates.

Customisation  –  easily branded surfaces and a range of textures to fit into high-end retail, transport and public realm works.

CE Testing & Durability  –  the technology has been tested to withstand over 20 million footsteps and extreme weather conditions. The tile even works submerged underwater at a depth of 1.5m.

Plug & Play  –  each tile can be daisy chained to the next tile and all wiring runs through the tiles themselves.

Smart Power  –  our tiles can harness the energy from footfall to power applications directly, or store the electricity for later use.

Deployable Power  –  Pavegen generates power when other renewable energies can't.

Materials  –  the top surface of the tiles uses up to 100% recycled rubber, from old truck tyres. Some base models use a 50-50 mix of virgin and recycled rubber.