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Powerful DATA & engagement

discover the power
of a footstep

With Pavegen GO ENGAGE - we offer a mobile phone app that delivers meaningful and measurable engagement with social impact.


We do this by bringing together the power of a footstep and the reach of mobile technology, gamification, game theory and behavioural economics to improve stakeholder engagement around sustainability and ESG.


By deeply connecting with stakeholders GO ENGAGE delivers data and insights to help you shape strategy, build valuable relationships and improve brand reputation.



Pavege Go SDG App

Powerful data and insights


Pavegen GO ENGAGE is a social engagement tool to help inspire, educate and inform stakeholders around ESG and sustainability initiatves.

It provides a digital ecosystem for experiential learning around key topics, enabling you to measure the impact of initiatives.

Through participation-led experiences, Pavegen allows people to physically engage with brand sustainability and ESG credentials, bringing key messages to life.

By contributing their footsteps, people can actively get involved in powering important conversations, making the experience and these messages even more memorable.

Amplifying brand messaging, Pavegen GO ENGAGE is a digital offering that extends reach, unlocks insights and increases participation in the brand values that matter.

Pavegen GO smart engagement app

Every step generates a powerful connection

step. power. connect.

Bluetooth beacons embedded in our flooring connect with our mobile app to allow visitors at physical activations to be rewarded for their contribution via the digital platform.

The app can be introduced as a standalone offering or integrate into existing apps via an API.

Whatever your goal, we design a bespoke solution to help you engage with your audiences in a meaningful and measurable way.

Bank of the West 7-1

generating powerful connections


Pavegen GO ENGAGE uses game theory, gamification. loyalty rewards and behavioural analytics to help you connect meaningfully with your audience around sustainability.


USAGE:  Who is engaging and when, energy generated and number of footsteps

ACTIONS:  What they are engaging in, preferences, what they like

REWARDS:  Which rewards are more incentivising, what they are redeeming 

INDIVIDUAL IMPACT: what has been the impact on the individual (skills, attitudes, behaviour changes) 

SDG IMPACT: Collective - what has been the impact on the 2030 Global Goals (UN Sustainable Development Goals)  

BRAND IMPACT:  what has been the impact on your brand

Pavegen GO ENGAGE enables you to understand your audience better with data analytics that help you to make more informed business decisions, enhance relationships and improve brand reputation and profile.

Pavegen's V3 Kinetic Tile

Step. Power. Connect.


As people walk across the Pavegen and interact with our system, the weight from their footsteps compresses electromagnetic generators below, producing 2-4 joules of power of off-grid electricity per step.

Every step helps power a connected device in an interactive experience that grabs the attention of the user and engages them in a meaningful conversation with you. Connected devices such as interactive lighting, information display screens, dance floors, green walls and USB charging.

Low-Power Bluetooth beacons in the system connect to Pavegen GO ENGAGE mobile app, generating permission-based analytics for you and purposeful content and rewards for users.

If your organisation is looking for an innovative new solution to showcase sustainability and engage more deeply with stakeholders, then we'd love to hear from you by email or by completing a project enquiry form.