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What is Pavegen?

The genius of the Pavegen tile is its simplicity. It consists of three components. An electro-magnetic generator, a singular composite tile, and people. The tiles create a unique connection to people through the power of a footstep.

How it Works:

The weight from each step across Pavegen tiles creates a small vertical movement of 5mm-10mm compressing an electromagnetic generator and creating a rotary motion to produce 2-4 joules of off-grid, clean energy.

We use this energy to power sustainability tools like LED lighting, living wall irrigation, and smart street furniture alongside capturing rich data insights for brands to connect with stakeholders.

Pavegen Generator and Tile


Energy produced from footsteps can be used to help power a range of applications, with multiple options for you to choose from.

With tried and tested builds or custom-made designs just for you, we can help build you the perfect Pavegen experience.

Let us know what you have in mind.

GIC 12-1


Energy from footsteps can be used instantly from its generator to power a chosen application. 

This application directly responds to your audience’s movement on the tiles. Great for creating live, interactive experiences.

Alternatively, we can store this energy in batteries so your audience can give their footsteps to those around them to benefit their community. 

This is great for transport hubs and smart city applications!

Pavegen France


Gamification increases engagement 48%, we use this to turn our technology into active platforms for brand engagement, STEM education, and sustainability missions.

Our active installs create lasting connections between people and businesses around messages that have meaning. We've taken this technology worldwide to 37 different countries, transcending language barriers and connecting people through movement.



A passive installation is a seamless integration of kinetic technology into your audience’s natural routine or behaviour.

We capture footsteps where they already are in high-traffic areas such as airports, train stations, and retail destinations. 

We spark a conversation through immersive experiences as small as a footstep.

Bank of the West 7-1


Your audience can personally contribute power via their footsteps to benefit the wider community as well as themselves.

Footsteps over the tiles can be presented to your audience in real-time with interactive data screens. By relaying these analytics instantaneously, your audience can see the direct impact of their footsteps.

Pavegen powers a variety of smart street applications from LED lighting, smart charging benches, E-ink screens, living green walls, and more.

Each step from your community can go on to power engaging applications including our new Walk to Light which illuminates streets with 100% footstep energy!

Each of these applications puts people in control of their sustainability story and turns everyday citizens into active participants in their climate journey.



Members of your audience who engage with your activation can have their contribution counted via our app or have that information integrated into your app.

By trading the energy produced from a footstep to a physical reward, your customers can feel an authentic exchange is being made between you and them.

To trigger the reward, the customer needs to attend your space, helping to drive foot traffic.